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26th & 27th October 2019

Exhibitors Application Form 2019

Before you proceed, we advise that you download and read our Exhibitor Information pack which contains general information and our full terms and conditions.

Contact Details
Stall Information
For marketing use and programme and website listings.
For marketing use and programme and website listings.
For marketing use and programme and website listings.
For marketing use and programme and website listings.
Booking options
Please select your stand size requirement. Single stands are £75 and double stands are £150. Stand sizes can be found in the Exhibitors Pack.
Tables cost £7 each.
Chairs cost £5 each.
13 amp power supply to your stand, single socket – no heaters or kettles, costs £15.
Please provide any other information including preferred stall position.
Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully:

  1. Stand holders must adhere to the aims of Kendal Wool Gathering and ensure that their merchandise is suitable.  You may be asked to remove goods that do not reflect the objectives of the event. 
  2. Sales and display materials must be confined to the marked out area of the stand and must not obstruct the aisles or protrude into adjacent stalls.  Banners and promotional materials must be single-sided, so they are not visible from other stands. You may not display promotional material anywhere else in the mall.
  3. The name of your organisation must be clearly displayed on your stand.  If you wish to share your stand with another organisation, this must be clearly stated on the application form.  Subletting and unofficial sharing of stands is not allowed.
  4. Music is provided at the venue, so please don’t play any music at your stand.
  5. Kendal Leisure Centre has burglar alarms and CCTV and the display area will be locked when the event is closed.  However, you are responsible for your own merchandise and property.  Kendal Leisure Centre and Kendal Wool Gathering are not responsible for any loss or damage. 
  6. Your stand must be manned for the duration of the event over both days.
  7. There is a cancellation fee of 50% of the full charge.
  8. The stand holder must have public liability insurance of at least £2 million valid for the dates of the event. 
  9. You will be asked to complete and submit a risk assessment for your stand.  You are responsible for ensuring that any person working on your stand is aware of any risks and has also read and understood these terms and conditions.
  10. On arrival at the event, you will be given a Stand holder pack which will contain the Kendal Leisure Centre Evacuation procedures.  It is your responsibility to ensure anyone working on your stand has read and understood these procedures.
  11. You must remove any goods and rubbish by 6pm on Sunday.  Any goods left behind may be disposed of.